Shine Sparrow Massage

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Timeframe: 4 weeks

Project Description

Maritza Valle is a massage therapist specializing in mixed modality massage. She needed a website where potential clients could find out a little about her and what she does and book a massage. She also needed to be able to edit the site's content from time to time. I made her a simple, elegant website to represent her massage therapy business, Shine Sparrow Massage. It's built on Wordpress, so she can easily make her own edits.

A freelance project of mine prior to entering The Iron Yard, Shine Sparrow is an example of what I was able to accomplish with the HTML, CSS, and Sass I learned on my own.

Shine Sparrow Therapy Homepage

Design Persona

To begin the design process I worked with Maritza to create a design persona, using Aaron Walter's MailChimp template. This gave me insights into the voice, tone, and aesthetic of the site.

If my brand were a person: She would be calm, but very present, quiet and knowledgeable. She would be tidy and efficient, caring and when you talked to her you would learn more about yourself from the silence she left than from the words she said. She would think of things, the details of what you need, before you realized you needed them.”

Counseling Information

Brand Traits

  • CALM not boring
  • PROFESSIONAL not stuffy
  • WELCOMING not enticing
  • IMPRESSIVE not intimidating
  • PRESENT not overbearing
Scheduling & FAQ


One big challenge I faced with this project was working with iFrames. I used an online booking plugin that used an iFrame, and it was difficult to style. iFrames come with their own stylesheets and it seemed to be impossible to override them. In actuality it probably is impossible, because they want you to pay to be able to select your own colors and typefaces.

Beyond that, I wasn't able to figure out a way to make the iFrame responsive. The plugin forced you to specify a size for the iFrame and there didn't seem to be a way to put a percentage on the width. I tried everything I could think of, every trick I found on the web, and nothing worked. In the end I just tried to design around it. I'm sure there's a way to do it, I just wasn't able to figure it out in the timeframe alotted for the project. It's the one part of the site that's not responsive, and it still bothers me. But I guess that's how it goes sometimes.

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