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Research + User Experience

deverus is a background check platform; through Credit Reporting Agencies, thousands of companies use this technology daily to perform background checks and make hiring decisions.

Over the past couple of years the company has been looking to branch out and offer new products and services. One of those products was an application to help health care workers keep their credentials up to date, to avoid fines or loss of work.

Preliminary Sticky Session


I started by thinking about the process a health care worker might go through on their first day on the job. I thought about what onboarding might look like, and how it might be affected if they discovered one of their credentials wasn’t in order. I knew any assumptions I made would probably be wrong, but I used this activity to come up with a list of questions to ask in a survey.

I used SurveyMonkey to survey 100 health care workers, and the answers I got were quite revealing. I opted for free form answers, to allow participants to answer questions in their own words, instead of limiting them to multiple choice responses, which might be leading. Besides, I wasn't about to presume I knew what people might answer. From there I reviewed all the answers to the questionnaire and recorded general themes.

User Persona

I used this information to create a user persona. I painted a picture of a young health care worker named Jill, recently graduated, who is always on the go and is constantly being pulled in multiple directions. I was then able to design an experience that would benefit Jill and her busy lifestyle. Since Jill is always on her feet, I created a primarily mobile experience (either a mobile app or responsive web app) that she could easily use on her phone, which she keeps with her all the time.

User Flow Sketch


Jill uses her phone a lot throughout the day, so I designed a mobile application that would help keep her credentials up to date without much effort. I created a user flow to map out the process, then made rough sketches of the necessary screens.

Upload Flow Sketch


Unfortunately, the project didn’t progress beyond this point. It was put on hold as priorities shifted to other more pressing projects. My hope is that it will be completed someday, as I see real value in a product like this.

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